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About Us

L’artista was established many years ago in 1985 by a closely-knit group of friends from all over Italy. Over the years it has become famous throughout north London for the iconic “L’artista van” parked outside the restaurant. Whilst keeping the strong family based Italian approach to dining; the restaurant caters to everyone; from the youngest child to businessmen and couples of all ages.

Unlike many Italian restaurants, l’artista has adopted a contemporary feel without sacrificing the values of Italian cuisine. The candles and tablecloths of the past are gone. All have been replaced by smooth granite tables, bright vibrant colours, in order to deliver a contemporary atmosphere.  This is furthered by our professional staff who deliver outstanding service with the renown Italian charm and warm welcoming smiles.

The menu is varied and extensive. People have come from afar just to try our home made pizzas. The dough is freshly prepared in front of clients, using the finest ingredients. Our chefs have come from all over Italy, and have mastered many different varieties of pastas; alongside a wide range of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Many of our customers are on first name basis with our staff, and have kept returning for years upon years. To our great joy they frequently tell us“there is no place like it”.

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Special Occasions

Groups & Parties

Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties have become part of l’artista tradition and are renown throughout North London much like our dishes. -. A typical “L’artista birthday surprise” generally involves the waiting staff parading towards the table; banging and crashing pots and pans with music playing until the “lucky” guest is almost deafened. Everyone – staff and customers included join in, clap, and cheer the birthday guest who is usually pleasantly surprised (if not a little embarrassed).

[For booking]
If you wish to organise the “l’artista birthday surprise” for one your guests, please get in touch with a member of staff via the phone 020 8731 7501, or specify under special requirements when booking online.

Group Bookings

Here at L’artista we are very welcome and open to all types of private functions. We have celebrated wedding anniversaries, special birthdays, mothers and fathers days, engagements, baby showers, Christmas parties, christenings, first communions, bar mitzvahs, etc… we are hard-pressed to find an event we have not done yet. You are welcome to bring your own birthday cake, balloons, etc. for the occasion, and we will try our best to make the special day as pleasant and memorable as possible. We also hold many corporate lunches and dinners, including Christmas office parties.

[For booking]
As private functions are bespoke, and there are often a large number of guest, a small deposit may be required. We can discuss pre-orders for bookings with a large number. For any details or specifications, please contact us by phone to speak with a member of staff to assist with your requirements.



  • Your booking will be confirmed via email. Should you wish to book for the same day, please phone the restaurant directly 020 8731 7501 instead of booking online. Booking on weekends or special days such as Mother's day is recommended to be booked well in advance.

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